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356 Specialst from Japan.
Contact: G.P. van 't Hoff
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Chassis number: 80665
Model: Pre A (carrera)
Year being built: 1955
Engine model: 1500RS
Original car color: Silver Metallic
Remarks: This is the very first Speedster with a Carrera engine. # 80665 was produced on August 31, 1955 and uses the 547 Spyder engine. It's the only one besides # 80820 which uses this engine. It was used by the Porsche sales department and not delivered to a customer until October. Previous owners were Wellington, Wolfgang Raether and George Batcabe. Steve Heinrichs first showed the freshly restored Speedster at the Hillsborough California Concours on May 5, 2002. Dr. Wolfgang Porsche bought the car in 2008 and it is residing in the new Porsche museum.
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