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356 Specialst from Japan.
Contact: G.P. van 't Hoff
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Chassis number: 12306
Model: Dealer built, with Carrera specs (carrera)
Year being built: 1957
Engine model: Carrera 2
Engine: 32554
Horsepower @ RPM: 150@5000
Drive position: Left hand drive
Car color: Signal Red
Upholstery color: Black
Carpet color: Original Grey
Top color: Red Hardtop (Aluminum)
Mileage / KMs: 21339 miles
Restored: No, The car is not original (different engine, no paperwork, cosmetic updates only, etc.)
Condition: In good condition
Standard options: Aluminum Hardtop, Annular Disc Brakes, 5
Remarks (opinion and modifications): This car has a replacement chassis and was delivered to Mr. Ludwig Blendl when he wanted a quick replacement for his Spyder. The car was delivered with all the Carrera options, and most parts from Mr. Blendl's crashed Spyder were used to make it running. It was originally Ruby Red with a black hardtop and was raced extensively in Europe in the 50's and 60's. It was raced at hill climbs and airport circuits and races at Solitude, Norisring, Nurnburgring and Dakar. The car has now a
For sale: no