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356 Specialst from Japan.
Contact: G.P. van 't Hoff
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Chassis number: 80681
Model: Pre A
Year being built: 1955
Engine model: 1500
Engine: 609489
Horsepower @ RPM: 60@4500
Drive position: Left hand drive
Car color: Lido Lavender Metalic
Upholstery color: silver/burgundy
Carpet color: Red
Top color: White
Mileage / KMs: 36200 miles
Restored: No, The car is not original (different engine, no paperwork, cosmetic updates only, etc.)
Condition: In good condition
Standard options:
Remarks (opinion and modifications): Car is as it was when purchased in 1965 other than the interior and paint being changed in 1966 when it was restored by my parents while I was go in the military. up until 1971 the car was pretty much used as my daily drive. then it was used just during week-end up until 1976 when it was put into storage waiting for family to be raised. now that I am retired I plan on getting it road worthy. I have no plans to change the interior or exterior color as the car is a time capsul from my younger years and still looks good. I currently have put a 1959 1600 N engine in it to get me by until I have money to get one of the engines I have rebuilt. I dont think I will have the original 1500 engine rebuilt will save. I-m planning on either having the 59 engine rebuilt or the 1961/62 engine I have that is a complete 1600S engine
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