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356 Specialst from Japan.
Contact: G.P. van 't Hoff
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Chassis number: 80806
Model: Pre A
Year being built: 1955
Engine model: 1500
Original car color: White
Remarks: 1955 Porsche 356 Speedster #80806 Pre A 1500 Normal This is Speedster #80806, a pre-A 1500 normal speedster. It has the original type 546/2 1500 cc engine # P35594. The odometer reads 18196, however I believe it to be 118,196 miles or more. It has the original signal lights, reflectors and tag light. The headlights, rearview mirror and oil temperature gauge are of a later vintage. The hood handle and all the emblems were deleted by a previous owner. The ignition switch is a later replacement. The original color was ivory. The seats are the original steel ones. The shifter was modified for faster shifting and several of the interior parts have been chrome plated. The passenger door gap is excellent. The driver's side is not as good. History owners before 9/04/68 unknown (California). Same Owner 1968 to 2002. Sold by wife in 2006. Registered in Oregon from 1979 2006. The 2006 owner installed new chrome wheels and tires and did a valve job/reseal. Have some notes from previous owner. Engine: The engine has been updated with a Hirth roller crank, Isky cam, big bore, solex 40 11 carbs. The car runs and drives well, but has not seen many miles recently. This car has never had any serious damage or rust. The only bottom rust is in the battery box area and only a small repairable amount. The bottom and the body are all original. There are dents in the floor pan. The body has never been cut into. It includes side curtains. Trans Restorations are performed on our factory chassis micrometer by a large staff of highly experienced craftsmen.
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