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356 Specialst from Japan.
Contact: G.P. van 't Hoff
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Chassis number: 80820
Model: Pre A (carrera)
Year being built: 1955
Engine model: 1500RS
Original car color: White
Remarks: This Speedster equipped with a Four-Cam engine was built in September 1955 and delivered in Miami in December the same year. The first owner was probably Jan Brundage who raced the car in the Nassau Speeds Week Trophy event immediately after receiving the car. The history of the car in the sixties and early seventies is unknown but 20 years later # 80820 resurfaced. Joe Hannigan from Alaska bought the first built Carrera Speedster from "The Toy Store", in Colorado Springs, in 1976 for $5000. The salesman told him that the car had been brought over from Germany and raced in New York/New England SCCA competition by its original owner. At the time, he did not know it was a Carrera. Joe drove it a few times on sunny days, exhibited it in displays in shopping centers and in car show competitions. Brent Fagan bought the car in 1984 for $9000 from a Porsche dealership in Colorado. The car was in poor condition but he had a lot of fun with it. It was used to drive to work, to drive the kids around etc. Mr. Fagan wrote to PCNA to get more information from the factory. They confirmed that the car was a Carrera. In 1987 the car was sold to Gary Kempton. Brent Fagan later found the original engine and informed Gary about it. # 80820 was owned by Steve Heinrichs who had it restored to original condition. A full 7-page article featuring this car can be found in Excellence February 1997. Dr. Wolfgang Porsche bought the car in 2008 and it is residing in the new Porsche museum.
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